Parenting with love and logic

Parenting with love and logic

Parenting with love and logic

The purpose of parenting with love and logic is to give them the tools they need to survive and thrive in society. As parents, you understand that one dayyour children will grow up and no longer require your guide. This should beyour goal. You want to develop self-confidence and independence in your child

Build Character and develop skills Sale


Focus on helping your child to develop five important characteristics:. Courage, self-esteem, responsibility, cooperation and respect. You should also help them to develop skills that will help them succeed in life, such as problem solving, communication, anger management, and academic success. Development kecantikan wanita of these properties and personal skills gives them a strong foundation,which helps them resist turning to tobacco, alcohol, violence or sexuality as the answer to life’s problems.

Developing a strong relationship

Parenting with love and logic leads to the development of a quality relationship with your child. If you develop a negative relationship, will you child to reject your ideas and suggestions – even the good. Rebellion is the way a childshows that they have their own opinions and refuses to be pushed around. Rebellion can potentially result in experiments with drugs, promiscuity or violence, as they deliberately rejects your values.

<P> Parenting with love and logic can reduce the probability to handle that kind of risks while you still have the necessary authority to lead the family.

Filter negative influences Sales


You may not use every waking moment with your kids, but you can still be amajor influence in their lives. According to the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), there are certain risk factors faced by children, but parentscan develop methods to counteract them.

<P> encourage your children to have a positive exposure to adult mentors. These may be young group leaders, coaches, teachers, family or your adult friends. Put restrictions on media exposure by reviewing ratings on movies and games and monitor television and Internet use. Keep TVs and computers in public areas of the House, so you can see what’s being shown. You can select the best schools for your children, so they are exposed to a good learning environment. Also, be sure to emphasize the family unit by regularly designation of family time and family events.

Discuss risks and draw up a plan

<p> As you develop a positive relationship with your child, be sure to discuss those involved in choosing drugs, sex and violence risks. Try to persuade them to understand your point of view on these subjects, because discipline alone will not be enough to help them make the right choices.


How to help your child overcome Stage Fright

How to help your child overcome Stage Fright

How to help your child overcome Stage Fright

Each year our local elementary school is hosting a talent show for all childrenin grades k-5. The goal of the talent show is to allow children to showcase their talents in an open and free environment and at the same time, we do not realize it, but they are building properties for their future. When your child isso overwhelmed with fear, they find it difficult to perform in kecantikan wanita front of a group.Here are some tips to help you help them. Sale Instructions

1 <p> first try to understand what they are really afraid of. Talk to them about it and find out if they are afraid to mess up or afraid that they’ll be made fun of. Is it because it will be in front of other children or adults or both?

2 <p> now that you’ve nailed down the problem, give them the opportunityto practice their action, speech, song or dance in front of a group of people they feel comfortable with, such as their family or friends, so they can feel that their results are welcome.

3 <p> have all involved give them good useful feedback that will make themfeel like they did a great job, even though they really screwed it up. Childrenare afraid to mess up in front of other people, especially if they have a problem with perfectionism.

4 <p> Tell your child that everyone will not care if they mess up, because they will think that it is intentionally a part of the action. Remind them to hold off, even if they screw up a bit, because then people don’t really notice.

5 <p> last but not least, let your child practice as much as they can. Video tape it so they can see that really look good doing what they are doing and that they can do this. Mind you, that whatever you will be proud of them, and things should go more smoothly.

How to control a 4 year old behavior Because Four is a Tough Kids Age

How to control a 4 year old behavior Because Four is a Tough Kids Age

How to control a 4 year old behavior Because Four is a Tough Kids Age

Getting a four-year-old to behave, can be a difficult, because at this age they seem to have a mind of their own. You thought that the terrible twos were bad, but when your child when four years old they start to develop a position. Administration of your four year old can be difficult, but it is important that you let them know who is a parent.


1 <p> You want always to pay attention to what they say, and basically get into their world, because this will help you to understand why they behave poorly when they don’t get what they want.

2 <p> make sure that when your child is behaving in a wrong way that you let them know, that goes to missed out on the fun. Usually when you just tell them anything or not do not provoke a positive response from them.

3 <p> It is always better to be positive with them, than to be negative, because you will always get a better response from them. You want to make sure they know who is a parent, and who is the child. You can achieve this by telling them what they will miss when they act up.

4 <p> keep in mind that it is difficult to discipline and manage a four-year-old with patience and the right tools you can get through to them. It is important that you learn what works well when disciplining your four-year-olds and what doesn’t.

5 <p> always be sure that they understand that bad behavior will always result in missing out on the fun. It is more inefficient than to tell them something, and you can’t do it. Hope these can help you.


Bedroom Decorating Tips To Appear Narrow Loose

Small bedroom is not really an issue for comfort while you are resting. Only the bedrooms are small they often confuse homeowners when it comes to designing her room to make it look spacious and comfortable. If you claim to be a smart, narrow bedroom set will not be a big problem. Then, what is it that you should consider when trying to design a bedroom that size is not large? Curious? Check out the information about small bedroom decorating tips more below.

Menata dekorasi kamar tidur sempit minimalis jadi lebar
Polishing rooms with bright colors. Color paint on the bedroom should you consider when trying to design a bedroom that size is not large. Decorating a small bedroom will look more slick when you are smart to choose polish to your bedroom. Actually, the color of the paint can not be made loose the room, but at least the broad impression is what you get. Is not it time you feel the rooms are spacious, even though the room size did not change, you will feel comfortable in the room. So, choose the color of paint the rooms are bright, but not striking so cramped rooms can still be a haven for the homeowner.
Laying of furniture for the room. Of course, the comfort of a small bedroom with no furniture apart that you put in the room. In order for decorating a small bedroom can make the occupants feel good, choose the furniture is minimalist to your cramped room. The furniture that must exist palingan only bed and cupboards. So choose a major minimalist furniture that will not take up much space in the room so spacious and comfortable impression immediately what you get.
The lighting in the bedroom. There have been many who know that light is one of the things that can make the room look more attractive. When your room with enough light, the room will feel more comfortable to live in. Well, if your room is narrow, fix the lighting in the room. Lighting is not only related to the room lighting, but lighting can be associated also with the provision of ventilation or a large window in the room.

Is not the absence of windows in the room, the sun will be easier to get in the room, the bedroom looked loose, and you also comfortable. Good information about decorating a small bedroom above the benefit to the reader. So, I suggest you to going on home

Design Tips Bathroom With Simple Way

The bathroom is one room in your house that you need to design with attention to some things that are important. Why? Because of the attention to the things that are important in the bathroom, you can make your bathroom to be comfortable as you want, look more like what you dream of and will fulfill its function as what you would expect. Tips for designing a bathroom you can do easily and keep your bathroom into a shower most convenient for you.

Model kamar mandi kecil sempit sederhana

Three Simple Things For Bathroom Design Tips
Tips for designing a bathroom you can find a way that is simple and simple. The first you should do to create or design your bathroom into a comfortable bathroom is to design your bathroom simple as possible. Simple question is put goods or completeness suit your needs instead of wants. Because many people who want to put all sorts of fixtures in the bathroom but that’s not too important. Tips for designing a bathroom by choosing items or fittings that suit your needs, you can make your bathroom more comfortable.
Tips on designing a second bathroom or completeness is to choose items you want to put in your bathroom has the same concept. Let’s say the bath, curtain, cabinet or other things in the same theme, such as brightly colored theme, pictorial or other animals. Thus, you can make your bathroom into a shower in a match that is beautiful and looks neat.
Tips used for designing a bathroom latter is the design of your bathroom neat as possible. This is what you get to put your bathroom furniture items carefully and cautiously. Make sure you have enough space to do your activities in your bathroom. With enough space you can make your bathroom comfortable to use and can function properly. Such was the third-Tips designing a bathroom you could possibly use. Come here room and get more info

Minister LHK: EIA islands of Reclamation Not Enough

The central government and the city government agreed to suspend reclamation projects Jakarta Bay. LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar call extant Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not yet complete.

Menteri LHK: Amdal Pulau-pulau Reklamasi Belum Cukup

“Surely that EIA islands that are single it is insufficient because we have to proceed with the study kewilayahannya so strategic environmental assessment (SEA), had agreed that the central and local governments will sit down together,” Siti said in a press conference at the Office of the Coordinating Ministry maritime, Jl MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Monday (04/18/2016).

Previous meetings have been conducted between the Ministry LHK, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, as well as the city government facilitated CMEA Maritime. Meeting lasted for an hour behind closed doors.

At today’s meeting the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Pudjiastuti Susi was not present and was represented by the Director General of Sea Space Management. Susi duty to London, England and only returned to his homeland next week.

“This will complete the draft SEA Jakarta discussed about zoning yesterday by Parliament have been stopped but there is a need for obtaining Regulation of DKI whose design is communicated to the central government,” said Siti.

The contents of the draft law, said Siti, contains about strategic plans and zoning. There are four requirements for reclamation by the laws of that strategic plan, zoning, action plans, and management.

LHK ministry will also impose the same rules on the reclamation will be carried out in Tangerang, Banten and Bekasi, West Java. Siti called the EIA that there is now a serious problem.

“So do the supervision and investigation of any environmental permits in the field to the proponent,” said Siti.

Three indications to be assessed is grounded in Article 73 of Law 32/2009 regarding the pollution, environmental and social impacts. “It is so concrete instrument for the dismissal was linked to administrative sanctions,” said Siti.

Color Bathroom: Most Important Things To Bathroom There

The bathroom is the one room in your home that can be very difficult, or could have been very easy when you design your room. To make it easy to first determine what you do or design how you want to use in your bathroom. Thus other things like decorations and stuff in your bathroom, it will be easier to adjust. There are some things that really help you improve the design of your bathroom more attractive and highly functional, the first thing that is very helpful in the design of your bathroom is a bathroom color that you will use in your bathroom.

Layout kamar mandi simpel tampak atas
Colors in your bathroom is one of the aspects that make your bathroom look better and also interesting. Therefore choosing the right colors will be extremely important in designing a bathroom. There are several things you should consider in choosing the color of the bathroom that will be used in your bathroom to make it more attractive.
Nice bathroom color is the color to suit your design concept. Choose a color that suits your bathroom design, let’s say if you want a more modern look you better choose bright colors, if you want a more traditional look, you can choose a darker color. By mixing and matching the colors and designs would be very helpful design your bathroom more visible and attractive. The colors used in the bathroom, you can choose the color that increase your room look spacious and neat.
Color is used in the bathroom can be found on the wall colors in your bathroom, decoration, floor and furniture that you place in your bathroom. Thus, you must select all of them carefully and make one another have the same color and looks fit. Bathroom color matched with each other will make your bathroom look attractive and also very convenient. Great source on Home

Modern Minimalist House Design

Who does not love being able to have your own home? Yupss … certainly with owning your own home then you do not need to spend money every month to pay the rent. Moreover, with their own houses tucked certainly a sense of satisfaction that is extraordinary. However, not a few people who want to change the design of the house in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner.

Contoh motif wallpaper dinding untuk rumah indah

Today, the model homes are very well liked and a trend is a model of modern minimalist home. In a way, the model house is very homely, elegant and very modern. Moreover, this house model also gives the impression that “wow” at the house. If you wanted to create a modern minimalist house design for your home, you should consider the following tips:

1. Making Plan Houses
Before making the designs, then you must create a floor plan as a whole first. Make a plan that is appropriate to its size in detail, so that later you are not difficulties during the process. To create a floor plan, you can ask for the help of relatives or family who are undergoing field of architecture or home designer.

2. Selection of Building Roof
Most minimalist home has no land is too broad, so it is advisable to choose a rather high roof with a semi-flat triangles or rectangles like the roof of modern minimalist house in general. Interest roofs made higher so that the air circulation inside the house to run smoothly.

3. Make a Small Garden
Another distinctive feature in modern minimalist home is the small park on the exterior of the house. With the small garden can make your home atmosphere becomes cooler and more beautiful. Complete your garden with a natural stone that can add to the comfort of your home ataman pad.

4. Color Selection
For the selection of colors, the modern minimalist home tended to use bright colors but not too flashy colors such as gray, beige, yellow, and others.
5. Spatial Interior
Modern minimalist house consists of 3 main room is the living room, living room, and a back room. There are also 2 other rooms is a bathroom and a bedroom. For the living room and the living room furniture should be limited to only that the atmosphere in the house is not too cramped.
6. Lighting
As for the lighting, choose a lamp that has a bright flame so that the atmosphere in the house becomes more widespread and relieved. Choose lights that durable and long lasting so you do not spend continuously just to buy a lamp.
7. Installation of wallpaper
In the interior of the house is minimalist usually also comes with wallpaper wall. You can use wallpaper in accordance with the concept of your home such as line drawings and abstract wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper, wallpaper cars and more. With the installation of wallpaper like this, the walls in your home more beautiful.
It was not too hard not to make the modern minimalist home design. You can try it yourself without having to hire an interior designer is quite expensive. Additionally, you can also apply a variety of images of a minimalist home on the internet then you modify more to your liking. Find related article from Home

Film ‘Hijab’ Success Entertain Visitors Indonesian Film Festival in Australia

Hijab Hanung Bramantyo films screened at the fourth day of the Indonesian Film Festival. The film depicts the modern style hijab phenomenon has made many in the audience laugh.

When compared with the screening of his earlier films, film audiences Hijab in Indonesian Film Festival in 2016 not as many filmgoers as coffee or State philosophy Van Oranje.

Film Hijab Sukses Hibur Pengunjung Festival Film Indonesia di Australia

It could be because the film was screened at Sunday night, at a time when many citizens are already relaxing at home ahead of the move on Monday morning.

But what’s interesting is the film Hijab actually attract more viewers from among the local residents of Melbourne.

One is a group of Melbourne who were taking courses Indonesian.

Carissa Paramita answer session after the screening questions Hijab. Photo: FFI Australia
Carissa Paramita answer session after the screening questions Hijab. Photo: FFI Australia

The film begins with a welcome Carissa Putri, who plays one of the main characters in the film.

“This movie sounds serious, but it’s actually very funny,” said Carissa.

Sure enough since the beginning of the film, the laughter of the audience was heard. Most locals also seemed to understand bercandaan in Indonesian, which is easily digestible.

This film tells four female figures friendly. They then decided to open a business selling Muslim clothing and hijab.

Until finally their businesses running smoothly and more popular, until it began to cause problems.

Their struggle to sell produce results, but got a new challenge. The husband began to feel uncomfortable with their wives who work and earn more money.

Many local people who watch the movie playback Hijab. Photo: FFI Australia
Many local people who watch the movie playback Hijab. Photo: FFI Australia

After the screening, held a question and answer session with Carissa Putri.

A number of questions were asked by the audience, especially the local residents of Melbourne who would get something different from the culture of Indonesia depicted in the film.

“It seems that this film is propaganda, the ‘punishment’ of women who work, sick children, a husband who left,” said one spectator.

Carissa explains that the film itself never caused controversy when screened in Indonesia.

“There are some people who feel that Muslim life is not like that, what is told in the film story very un-Islamic,” he explained.

“Then this argument the stronger, even those who had been happy with the film turns of thought. As a snowball, one opinion and then affects the other, so that eventually the film becomes too popular …,” added Carissa.

Atmosphere Film Festival Indonesia in ACMI, Melbourne. Photo: FFI Australia
Atmosphere Film Festival Indonesia in ACMI, Melbourne. Photo: FFI Australia

Carissa but do not really know where the controversy originated.

“Film mas Hanung indeed most of the theme that could potentially be controversial, but it does not tell us clearly,” said before the audience

“As we see a lot of laughing in the film, which was then at its peak, he introduced a twist to the problem.”

Indonesian Film Festival in Melbourne can still be enjoyed at ACMI, Federation Square, up to 20 April.

The festival is organized by the Indonesian Student Association in Australia from the University of Melbourne.

Lele G3 – New Strain Lele Excellence from CTF


Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) continues to develop new strains of superior fish. And improvement of the genetic, the CTF through the Fish Breeding Research Institute (ARDI) Sukamandi re-generate superior catfish. Lele third generation or G3, weight growth could increase to 40.32% compared to the previous type of catfish. This was conveyed by Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Sharif C. Sutardjo, on safari Ramadhan 2014 Sukamandi, Subang, West Java, on Thursday (3/7).
catfish third generation G3

ikan lele generasi 3 G3

Sharif explained, based on the characterization and testing done since 2010, catfish G3 has many advantages. Among them, long maintenance shorter than local seeds. Proven in the harvesting stage of enlargement to reach consumption size (6-9 tails / kg) ranged from 45 to 50 days from the seed size stocking 5-7 cm and 7-9 cm. Uniformity of size is relatively high, the result of harvesting the seeds ready for sale at the stage of hatchery and nursery at one time ranges from 70-90% compared to local seed range of 50-70%. “The resistance to disease catfish G3 is relatively high. Parasitic infections such attacks Trichodina sp, Dactylogyrus and Gyrodactylus sp sp and Aeromonas hydrophila and Flavobacterium columnare without treatment with antibiotics is still around 60-90%, “said Sharif.
Another advantage, added Sharif, durability catfish G3 on the environment is relatively high. Where the survival rate at this stage of hatchery, nursery and grown multi-location trials around 10-20% higher than local seeds. G3 catfish durability against stress is also relatively high. Including a nice feed response, although post-treatment / handling is done in the nets, grading / sorting, freshly stocked. “Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) catfish G3 is also relatively good, in the range 0.5-0.7 nursery stage and at the stage of magnification ranges from 0.9 to 1.0,” said Sharif.
According to Sharif, catfish G3 research began in 2010 with the collection, characterization and evaluation of populations of stem-forming. Research continued with synthetic base population establishment in 2011 and the formation of a population of first generation (G1 = first generation) in 2012. The formation of the population of the second generation (G2 = second generation) in 2013 and the formation of the population of third generation (G3 = third generation) in the year 2014. “the seed catfish population is growing quickly, G3 is a new candidate catfish superior strains that need to be prepared to be distributed to the farmers. The program is an effort to improve productivity CTF catfish farming nationwide, “he added We have more article from source: All Information About Sea